17/10/14 17 October, 2014 6 notes

So after 4+ years at Apple, it’s time for the next chapter. (Well, it’s a bit more like 2 chapters, but I’m getting ahead of myself) 

Starting in a couple weeks I’m taking on a senior design role with a bunch of the intimidatingly brilliant peeps at Twitter. I’ve used Twitter literally every day for over 7 years now, and it’s a product that, more than anything else I can think of, has had a deeply profound impact on my life—so I’m beyond excited (and nervous and hopeful, and did I mention excited) to join the team and hopefully help them make it even better for everyone. 

The SECOND chapter is, the past several years at Apple has made me incredibly itchy to design and build my own apps and products. One of the reasons my wife and I even decided to make the move out to San Francisco was for the opportunity to be around like-minded people that inspired and compelled us. For me, one of those people has been Aaron Martin. Aaron’s an incredible designer and thinker—and also wants to build thoughtful, needed products. So the two of us have decided to do that together and started a little app/design shop we’re calling Quiet Pupil.

It’s going to be a part-time thing, so it should afford us both the time and perspective to be intentional about the kinds of things we want to build and problems we want to solve. We actually have a little bun in the oven that we can’t WAIT to show you all really soon. I can’t share too much just yet, but it’s something the both of us have been itching to build for years, and I honestly couldn’t be more stoked with what we’ve come up with…so be on the lookout :)

Again, my time at Apple has been absolutely invaluable, and I’ll deeply miss the teams I had the opportunity to work with there, but I’m elated about what lies ahead!

3/05/13 3 May, 2013 574 notes

Seattle, Day 1 — 04.20.13

So I took Jocelyn up a couple weekends ago for a surprise Birthday trip to Seattle and we got to spend a couple days exploring the city, wandering through Pike Place Market and getting rained on by the infamous Seattle weather.

I ALSO got to spend the weekend giving the new Sony RX1 a spin.

I’ll write more about it later, but all-in-all I’m pretty stunned at the quality of the images from such a small, portable, easy-to-use camera. Plus, it’s full frame, baby :)

Anyways, I’ll post more in the next couple days, but until then…